2 Hours/day – 1 Hour Theory, 1 Hour Practical
4 Hours/day – 2 Hours Theory, 2 hours Practical

Course Content:

The Warehouse Management System as Part of Logistics Execution

  • Logistics Execution
  • Main Features of Warehouse Management

Structural Elements

  • Organizational Units
  • Storage Bins as Warehouse Management Master Data
  • Organizational Connection to Inventory Management
  • TheQuant

The Interface Between Inventory Management and Warehouse Management

  • Movement Types
  • Transfer Order Creation in the Background
  • Special Movement Indicator
  • Storage Location Control

Putaway Control

  • The Putaway Process
  • Storage Bin Search for Putaway
  • Influence of the Material Master Data on Putaway
  • Forms of Capacity Check
  • Quality Check in the Warehouse

Stock Removal Control

  • The Stock Removal Process
  • Storage Bin Search for Stock Removal
  • Settings Relevant to Stock Removal
  • Batch Determination

Delivery Processes with Warehouse Management

  • Putaway for an Inbound Delivery
  • Stock Removal for Outbound Delivery
  • Special Procedure for Stock Removal for Outbound Delivery

Posting Changes and Stock Transfers

  • Posting Changes
  • Stock Transfers
  • Replenishment Control

Internal Procurement Processes with Warehouse Management

  • Process Flow
  • Process Control

The Warehouse Activity Monitor

  • Configuration
  • Usage

Physical Inventory

  • Inventory Procedure
  • Technical Posting Process

Final Exercise

  • Structural Basics
  • Processes

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