2 Hours/day – 1 Hour Theory, 1 Hour Practical
4 Hours/day – 2 Hours Theory, 2 hours Practical

Course Content:

Terminology and Vocabulary

  • Parts of computer system
  • Software: Applications and Operating system

Windows Concepts

  • Windows navigation
  • Multi-task applications
  • File-management (reinforce and emphasize throughout the length of the course)

Basic Word Processing Concepts

Basic Spreadsheet Concepts

Basic Presentation Concepts

Basic Internet Skills

  • Browsers
  • Searching
  • Ethics

Basic Communication Skills

  • Email
  • Attachments
  • Overview of MyPCC Portal
  • Netiquette

Basic Database Concepts

  • Identify components of a computer system
  • Identify types of software applications and operating systems

Windows Skills, including:

  • Use the mouse to:

    (i) navigate Windows and applications
    (ii) open, close and work between applications
    (iii) access “short-cut menus” using right-mouse button

  • Develop skill in basic file management throughout the course including:
    (i) moving/copying/renaming/deleting files
    (ii) creating/renaming/deleting folders

Word Processing Skills

  • Create and edit one page Word documents
  • Copy/Move/Paste text
  • Create and edit a multi-page Word document
  • Format and enhance Word documents
  • Insert Clipart

Internet Skills

  • Identify and use Internet browser features
  • Use Search tools
  • Understand Internet Ethics

Communication Skills

  • Send and receive email
  • Send and open email attachments
  • Introduce basic MyPCC Portal website including basic navigation, email, calendar and course tools
  • Identify proper netiquette rules

Spreadsheet Skills

  • Create and edit basic Excel spreadsheets
  • Format and enhance spreadsheets
  • Use Auto Sum and create basic formulas
  • Create basic charts

Database Skills

  • Create and Edit a database
  • Format and enhance a database
  • Create Queries
  • Sort and filter a database
  • Create and print Reports

Presentation Skills

  • Create and edit basic PowerPoint presentations
  • Use template, color schemes, animation, slide transition
  • Insert images including digital pictures

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